Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pet Peeve! I don't have that book!

One of the biggest pet peeves that I have during the school year is finding a great lesson from a colleague or a resource and  then not having the book that goes with it. I have an extensive classroom library (I think I am up to about 800 books) but somehow I don't always have the book that I want or need.  Sure,  I borrow some from our school library but sometimes it is already checked out or they don't have it.  I also spend a ton of money each year buying books to "complete" my collection.    I have used some sites in the past like discovery education and storylineonline.  Sometimes, I have time to scan books and I have also used my elmo to project books that I do have up onto my smartboard.  This year, over the summer, I have decided to look for some of my needed books on internet video.  I started by making a you tube playlist for each workshop.  I wanted to share my reader's workshop and writer's workshop playlists for the first grading period.  Hope you enjoy!



  1. That's a fantastic idea!! I run into that problem all of the time & now that we are able to play Youtube in my district, that would be a great solution. Thanks for sharing!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. No problem, Lisa. I am glad that you found it useful. There were definitely some books that I couldn't find but I guess that will be my next project...making my own read aloud videos. I wish there more hours in the day!