Monday, March 31, 2014

QR codes in the Listening Center- Follow Up

So earlier this year I posted about using QR codes in my listening center.  If you want to read more from the original post,  here is the link.QR codes in the Listening Center Today I want to quickly share a fast and easy way that I have started generating these codes.  In the past,  I would go to a QR code generator via the web,  paste the audio file web address  from my dropbox ,  generate a qr code, cut and paste the code into a label template in word and then print.  Recently I learned that I could add a chrome extension that would not only shorten urls when I need but will also generate a qr code in a small pop up box right on the same screen. Now I just open dropbox,  click the file I want, and click the shorten-er icon.  This will take the file web address,  shorten it, and also generate a qr code from it.  I can also copy the code directly from the pop-up.  I still have to cut and paste into the label template but it no longer requires as many steps!  I am definitely all about simplifying.  If you would like to view a screencast of how to add and use  the shorten-er extension.  Please click below.
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  1. I have been wanting to do QR codes in my 1st grade classroom. I usually borrow others ideas because I have not made any yet. Thanks for sharing! Jackie

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