Friday, February 7, 2014

100th day!

So we finally reached our 100th day of school this week!  It was a little delayed thanks to two ice days here in the Houston area but Thursday was the big day.  We had a ton of fun counting all sorts of things to 100 many different ways.  We wrote down 100 sight words,  collectively read 100 books, made crazy 100 hats, and of course dressed up like we were 100.  One of my favorite projects of the week was our 100 year old self portraits.  The kids used tear art to create them and then they had to write about what they would be like when they were 100.  We then took out our ipads and used our face talk app to record what they wrote.   Each student sent me their mp4 file with drop it to me and dropbox and then I made a QR code for each of them. They glued the QR code to their picture so that when they take it home,  their parents can have a video of their animation.  I wanted to share them with you so I made a compilation video of their clips.  Also thought I would share our Kinder teachers taking part in the 100 day fun!

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