Sunday, February 16, 2014

Documenting Literacy Station Work

My kids have a wonderful time using the stamps in working with words stations.  They stamp a picture and then they write the word  under the stamp.  Usually they would complete this station and then turn it in to me.  This was fine but they wanted to take their work home with them.  To give them that ability, I used to quickly snap a picture of it and give it back to them.  This worked fine from a digital portfolio/documentation standpoint but it was me using the technology and not the kids.  I wanted to turn the control and use of technology over to them.  For this reason,  I put Evernote & Skitch on our I-pads & I-pods.  I started by teaching one "expert" child how to open Skitch, take a picture,  annotate by adding text, and sending it to my Evernote. You can see an example of his work below.  Normally they include their name so that I know who completed it but I chose one that he left his name off of.
He, in turn, began teaching others and now we have a VERY popular word work station.  One of them even snapped a photo of me teaching guided reading the other day and it showed up in my evernote!  Slightly off task but cute!

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